Globalization and the Changing Landscape of China's Industrial Development

Globalization and the Changing Landscape of China's Industrial Development


This book describes and discusses the various aspects of the changing "landscape" of China's industrial development within the general context of globalisation. In the past four decades, the spectacular economic growth and development of China has surprised the world. China has leapt from one of the poorest countries to the second-largest economy in the world. The development path of China's economy is different from that of any other country, thanks to its unique national system. As a country that adopted the centrally planned economy in the past, the government played a very important role in the national economy. Even until now, government planning still greatly influences many aspects of the country despite the gradual perfection of the market system. Besides the government's role, external factors coming worldwide can also be major driving forces behind the development of a national economy. For developing countries, industrial development is almost always the national priority. This book focuses its attention on the discussing of the evolution and development of China's industrial structure under the general trends of globalisation. It is always preferred that China can constantly strike a balance between its speed of overall economic growth and the soundness of the development of its industrial structure. In this book, we present the reader a true "landscape" of China's industrial development that is changing and being constantly shaped by the various driving forces coming from the current trends of globalisation. If you are one of the interested readers, we believe this book is one of the best choices for you.

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